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Duran Inci / Optimun7
I thought that I had all aspects of my accounting and bookkeeping covered with Quickbooks until I had DeepSky do a Financial Scorecard for me. Their professional and thorough review of all my sales, expense accounts and profitability showed me issues that I did not know existed. Their plan of action for improvement has also put me on a path to run a more profitable company. There's incredible value here even if you think that you got things covered and know everything. Michael and DeepSky can help you get better!
Answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about MFS
A: MFS was designed to help entrepreneurs get a handle on the current financial state of their business and identify areas where they can work on to improve their bottom line...
A: You might not, if you already know exactly how your company is performing and what key areas are either pushing you forward or holding you back. Otherwise, this report will do exactly that.
A: Entrepreneurs who want to build a more profitable business by identifying key areas of improvements that can be made. Answer questions like: am I winning financially? Is my company healthy? Where can I focus my efforts to yield the greatest impact?
A: The report will be sent back to you within 48 HRs after submitting 3 financial reports with just a few clicks! (about 60 secs to complete)
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